SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory

Hannah Worters

Hannah is the Resident Astronomer, supporting and improving the SAAO telescopes in Sutherland.  Current instrumentation projects include upgrades to the GIRAFFE echelle spectrograph and the development of a Newtonian camera for the 1.9-m telescope.

As an undergraduate, Hannah spent a year as a Support Astronomer with the Isaac Newton Group on La Palma.  She then worked on the commissioning of SALT for a few years during her PhD studies.  In addition to SALT and the SAAO telescopes, she has observed with Gemini North on Hawaii, the CTIO 1.5-m in Chile and the JKT, INT, WHT and TNG on La Palma.  She was awarded her PhD in 2009 for research into accretion in recurrent novae; flaring on post T Tauri stars; and the born-again giant phenomenon.  Her research in these areas is ongoing.

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