SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory

BVI Cepheid Reddening Software

  • cc85red.f : This FORTRAN 77 programme calculates Cepheid reddenings from BVIc photometry. The unreddened B-V, V-Ic intrinsic locus for Cepheids is as given in Dean, Warren & Cousins (1978), while the corrections are derived from model atmospheres by Bell & Gustafsson (1978) and Kurucz (1979), as described in Caldwell & Coulson (1985, MNRAS 212, 879). Note that only certain specified metallicities are accommodated.
  • belredb.f : This programme is an updated form of cc85red.f, which uses newer model atmospheres. For metal-normal Cepheids, the intrinsic line remains that given by Dean, Warren & Cousins (1978), but this software will calculate B-V and V-Ic reddenings for any value of [Fe/H]. Any questions should be addressed to J.A.R. Caldwell (caldwell(at)