SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory

SAAO Astronomical Data

This area contains various data files, mostly pertaining to observing at Sutherland, though some may be of wider applicability. They are generally simple ASCII text files and may be downloaded via your browser. Please refer to the relevant papers for more information and cite them when the data are used in a publication.

E- and F-region UBVRI standards

The accompanying table contains photometry on the UBV(RI)c system for standard stars in the E regions (centred at approximately 2.5 hr intervals in RA in a band at about -40 deg declination), and in the F regions (at about -75 deg declination). There is also a small sample of SMC and LMC standards. The data rely on many years of observations at both Cape Town and Sutherland, initiated and sustained by AWJ Cousins.

The most recent summary, from which the tables are taken, is:
Menzies, J.W., Cousins, A.W.J., Banfield, R.M., Laing, J.D., 1989. SAAO Circulars, 13, 1-13.

Download E- and F-region UBVRI standards (text file)

Infrared standards

This file contains the IR standards used at Sutherland on the 0.75 and 1.9m telescopes. They are on the SAAO system as defined by Carter (1990 - MNRAS, 242, 1), where more details can be found. The coordinates are on the 2000 equinox.

Most of these stars where taken from from the Bright Star Catalogue and the numbers listed after SA are the HR numbers. Details of the others are given on page 2 of Carter's paper.

H.P.M. = High proper motion.
*JHKL = Primary Standards.
other notes are self explanatory

Download IR standards (text file)