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Williston Activities

Preparing for Williston-Sutherland rugby match

Williston is a historical town with many interesting stories and a well equipped museum. It is the home to the mayor and municipal manager of the Karoo-Hoogland Municipality. The community has come together to ensure there will be a myriad of activities taking place for the locals and the visitors.


Williston Contact person: Elna Marais (053 391 3003 or willismuseum(at)


  1. The Williston Museum shall serve as the information centre for the weekend (Museum is easily visible on the main road)
  2. An open area near the museum will be used for stalls.
  3. The Rhynse Church will be used for a "Heritage Service" on Sunday morning
  4. The Das Louw Stadium will be used for Sporting activities
  5. "The Fountain" may be used as a site for tourist visits

Programme (Sunday 23rd September - Williston Focus Day)

07:00 Outdoor music and singing on the "Singkop", a hill near town

08:00 "Heritage Service" at the Churches

10:00 onwards:

Stalls will be available all day near the museum

Tours will be organised to the fountain, blockhouse and graveyard

Horse carts will be available for tours and rides

Activities involving Lovelife (AIDS awareness)

Sport activities on the sports field (biased towards indigenous games)

Traditional food stalls

Dance groups