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Fraserburg Activities

Dinosaur footprint with a hand for scale

Fraserburg is famous for the dinosaur footprints on a farm nearby. There is also a well equipped museum and a "Korbeel" house in the middle of the town.


Fraserburg Contact Person: Vincent Opperman (023 741 1012 or frasermuseum(at)


Our programme here is taking shape nicely with the weekend looking as follows:


Friday 21st September 2007

16:00 Miss Heritage Festival Competition - this will be an open air modelling competition

20:00 Masked Ball - an evening event where everyone can get dressed up and enjoy an evening of fun. Masks available from the local arts and crafts centre.



Saturday 22nd September 2007 (Fraserburg focus day)

08:00 Donkey Cart Parade - this will be a parade of local donkey carts with an opportunity for visitors to have rides with local tour guides.

From 11:00 on the sports field:

Stalls - locals will set up food and crafts stalls

Indigenous games - a programme of games that have been played for decades in this area

Dance competition - local music, local dancing (e.g. langarm, volkspele, etc)

Local music talent - musicians from the area will entertain the crowds

Story telling - for the young and old, stories from the area and those handed down the generations

Evening activities:

Bring and braai and open air disco with local musicians also providing the entertainment.

Stargazing with SAAO telescopes

Sunday 23rd September 2007

The community decided to have a massive open air church service to close off the weekend. All the churches in the town will meet on the sports field for one joint service.