SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory

Activities for 2009


  • International Year of Astronomy 2009: SCBP has played a major role internationally (specifically in Africa) in what has led to a UN declaration of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. We continue to be principal drivers of various IYA efforts both in South Africa and across Africa. Currently serving on the Executive Committee Working Group for IYA and chairing one of the 11 IYA Global Cornerstone Projects entitled “Developing Astronomy Globally”
  • Developing astronomy education and outreach in Africa: What started out as a plan for action for IYA2009 in Africa has evolved into us playing a major role in general astronomy education and outreach development in Africa. With the SAAO being the “giants” in astronomy in Africa, we have decided to share all our resources and experience in education and outreach with all who wish to use it.
  • Contributions to the IAU Decadal Plan: SCBP activities regarding astronomy education and outreach in Africa as well as our role in the International Year of Astronomy has resulted in our invitation to contribute to the IAU decadal plan. First meeting in Paris, January 2008.
  • Development of UNAWE International: The voice of SCBP is heard on the International Steering Committee of the Universe Awareness (UNAWE) Programme and brings the experience from UNAWE implementation in the Northern Cape province of South Africa to develop the programme internationally (our focus being Africa)


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