SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory


This document provides specific programmes that will be an integral part of the development of SALT in pursuit of the above objectives and goals. Plans include educational programmes, personnel placements, communications efforts, industrial collaborations, and media efforts. The plan addresses both the development phase of SALT, anticipated to last approximately 5years, and the operational phase that will extend for 25 or more years. The estimated costs for implementation vary with the specific programmes recommended. At the minimum they are to be included within the cost of SALT as proposed and at the maximum include some programmes that require supplementary funding.

It is emphasized that this SALT Collateral Benefits Plan is a planning document with long-term goals achievable on a time scale of the 5 year construction phase and 25 plus year operations phase of SALT. The document is not cast in stone and will evolve as better ways of delivering empowerment to the disadvantaged community are generated. A Business Plan will be produced annually that specifies the goals, objectives and performance measures for the next year in terms of the delivery of the SALT Collateral Benefits Plan.