SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory

SCBP in the SALT era

Note that although the main focus of activity will be in the immediate vicinity of the SAAO sites (Karoo-Hoogland and Cape Town Metropolitan), opportunities will also be exploited in other areas.

To utilise
the knowledge, technology and other available resources within the SAAO and similar institutions

 in order to facilitate
education enhancement, science communication, socio-economic development and technological innovation

 and thereby contribute to
the improvement of the quality life of all people within reach

Significant contribution to the realisation of the NRF vision: A prosperous South Africa and African continent steeped in a knowledge culture, free of widespread diseases and poverty, and proud contributors to the well-being of humanity.

Core Missions
The SCBP will focus on:

  1. Education in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology to supply the country and the continent with well trained and motivated professionals in substantially increased numbers.
  2. Science Communication and Awareness to effectively engage with the public in order to disseminate relevant information in the fields of astronomy and space science.
  3. Socio-Economic Development in order to contribute to a better quality of life for all people, especially the disadvantaged.
  4. Technology Transfer and Innovation to support and encourage the realisation of benefits from knowledge created and technology developed around astronomy and space science

Cross-cutting Strategic Priorities (Underlying Principles)
These will apply to all activities carried out by the SCBP and will each be given due recognition within the context of a specific project.

  1. Inspire a culture of thinking and a desire to learn.
  2. Support disadvantaged people and address societal imbalances.
  3. Encourage collaboration both nationally and internationally.
  4. Support and enhance rather than reinvent programmes.
  5. Ensure adequate monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance.