SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory


Workshops on the following topics are also available on request. These are aimed primarily at educators, but suitable student groups are also most welcome. Modules for these are available and are in the process of being upgraded to be "stand alone" units, suitable for down loading.

  1. Micro-gravity - covers numerous aspects of free fall and "weightlessness"
  2. Shadows, sunsticks, time and time zones
  3. Seasons
  4. Time and sundials
  5. Why do Balloons float and other aspects of Newton's Laws.
  6. Telescope kits and using Telescopes
  7. Modelling orbits
  8. Observing the Moon, phases and associated topics
  9. Eclipses of Sun and Moon
  10. Seasons
  11. Making quadrants and measuring height
  12. Why rockets work in space and rocket launching.
  13. Making craters and extensions from this.
  14. Modelling the Solar System

For further details contact the Education department.