SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory

SAAO Summer School

The aim of the SAAO Summer School is to introduce the National Astrophysics & Space Science Programme (NASSP) Honours students to an array of topics in astronomy and space science through numerous hands-on activities and practical experiences. The programme focusses on three main topics, namely "Practical Astronomy" (including an Introductory Astronomy course, Planetarium sessions, observing evenings and computer-based exercises), "Rocketry and Space Flight" (including lectures, as well as the building and launching of model rockets) and "Robotics and Planetary Exploration" (introducing computer programming through the use of robotic LEGO rovers). Visits to a range of scientifically interesting facilities are also included in the schedule. All activities involve some degree of assessment and participants should realise that the quality of their Summer School experience will depend on the amount of effort they are prepared to invest. While the three weeks will be extremely busy, it should be a lot of fun!