SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory

User manuals for the SAAO 1.9-m

Paper copies of these manuals are available in the library at SAAO, Cape Town; the hostel library in Sutherland; and in the relevant domes.  Please do not print your own copies at SAAO.

Telescope Control System

- TCS User Guide (Nov 2011)


Grating Spectrograph

- Telescope & Spectrograph Control (Apr 2013)

- Spectrograph Control software (2003)

- SpCCD spectral type library (2013)


GIRAFFE Echelle Spectrograph

- Setup and observing procedure  (full manual, c2002)

- QUARTZ data acquisition software (2002)

- Observing Recipe supplement (Sept 2011)

- Th-Ar arc maps (Blue, Red)



- DOS Control program for SAAO CCD on 1.9-m

- Supplementary Instructions


HIPPO High speed Photo-Polarimeter     

- User Manual



- SHOC User Guide (Jan 2013)

- SHOC data reduction pipeline


- User & Technical Guide