SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory


These telescopes are not normally made available to outside users but special arrangements can be made. Because of the bright sky and frequent bad seeing it is not worthwhile to attempt photoelectric photometry of stars fainter than 9.5 mag (0.45-m) or 11.0 mag (0.61-m).


0.15 m:       Visual refractor, erected 1882.
0.41 m: Parks 1994
f/5, 100 arcsec/mm
0.45 m: Dall-Kirkham reflector (1955) on mount by Repsold (1887)
Guider: 178 mm f/14 Merz (~1849)
Finder: 76 mm
Cousins (uncooled) UBV Stroemgren photometer
Mounting flange: 3 studs 3/8" diam. equally
spaced on 196.9 mm diam. circle;
one pointing W when telescope E
0.61-m: McClean refractor. Grubb, 1897.
0.61-m f/11 30.639 arcsec/mm
0.46-m f/15 29.945 arcsec/mm; 16X16 cm plate holders
203-mm guider 29.76 arcsec/mm
127-mm ``old'' astrometric camera f/16 102.354 arcsec/mm
Cousins UcBV photometer