SAAO - South African Astronomical Observatory

Wildflowers at SAAO - August 2006

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Pictures taken by Anne Charles except where otherwise indicated.

August 4

Spiloxene capensis (11 August 2008)
Oxalis obtusa?
? (10 August 2008)
Chasmanthe floribunda

August 10

Lachenalia pallida
? (10 August 2008?)
Moraea miniata (= Homeria miniata)
Moraea vegeta
Albuca canadensis
Oxalis obtusa? (also below)
Homeria flaccida
Spiraxis grandiflora var fimbriata

Mid-August - pictures taken by Jesse Vaisanen

Zantedeschia aethiopica (Arum lily)

18 August

The first two pictures were taken in the endemic area, the third picture was taken nearby.

20 August

Ursinia anthemoides
Romulea rosea
Geranium molle?
Geissorhiza aspera
Baeometra uniflora

25 August

Indigofera incana
Baeometra uniflora

17 September 2008